Under by Snøhetta


Always it’s nice to see a clear idea translated so directly to a building under by Snøhetta is such a project. Located on the Southern tip of Norway in the village of Båly it is a concept restaurant that plunges under the water to put the diners almost literally into the sea, making it Europes first underwater restaurant and with 100 seats the worlds biggest one.

As a small architecturally significant building it also fits snugly into the Norweigian system of building pavilions, hotels and lookouts along their scenic tourist driving routes.

The Family who are responsible for the retaurant also own and run the nearby  Lindesnes Havhotell (Sea Hotel) which promotes Southern Norway as a place for guests to visit for the food (ref). So it’s a logical if ambitious extension to their business.The under website is also by Snøhetta who also produce brand identity. Something I think more Architect firms could branch out into.

December 15, 2017