Declad is written by me Lewis Martin a British Architect happily living and working in Finland.

I have been a qualified and practicing Architect since 1997, so for over twenty years. I have worked in the UK, India, The Netherlands and Finland across a wide range of types of projects, always looking for a new challenge.

I am married with two kids, a boy and a girl one of which I’m afraid may follow me into Architecture!

My previous weblog lewism.org which I kept from 2005-2013  was hacked and is still offline. Together with work and home commitments and the hacking which I tried to resolve a few times but couldn’t I also let this site sit asleep. But I really missed writing and keeping a website also means being engaged with what you are writing about and I missed that also.

The internet landscape has certainly changed since 2005 when I started writing on the internet, Facebook was still for certain university students only back then and the weblog phase of the net when I started with Flickr, delicious, upcoming, and on Wordpress the web looked different and the possibility of the web also looked different.

As an Architect I loved the idea and potential of this new space and it certainly has changed in ways I didn’t imagine and mostly not for the better in comparison to my idealistic maybe unrealistic imagination. But shit happens and there is still a place to write and to be read and to find out and make and remake, so here I am.

Have a look at declad one for a little introduction for what the website will cover. I hope that it will become a nice resource for Designers and students over the years with book and building reviews.

I work at SARC in Helsinki and all views expressed in this website are my own only.

Please get in touch! I love to hear back with your comments, so please feel free to reach out to me.
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