101 Things I Learned in Architecture School by Matthew Frederick

101 Things I learned in Architecture School by Matthew Frederick

A friend loaned this book to me and before I handed it back, long overdue, I thought I’d write a few things about it. 

I read it through once at the beginning of my loan, then again many times just dipping in now and again when the book happened to appear on my radar as it did from time to time. This is how the book is really meant I feel as a small handbook of inspiration not as a read through.

Simply Beautiful presentation

The book is beautifully presented with a small piece of writing on the right and a sketch to accompany it on the left.

In such a sparse form, presentation is much more prominent than it might otherwise be. But it carries a zen lie simplicity this way that focuses the mind on that single thought.

The tips are laid out with a natural flow, bookended by how to draw for Architects at the beginning, and at the end a submissive about Architects only really maturing by about 50.

Some of the things are quotes, while others are rules, or advice and tricks of the trade, again it’s inspiration, it’s meant to jog and cajole.

As such this is one of the best books for a little dip in and out of however what raises up this book to one I would strongly recommend is that it approaches the question of what an Architect actually does, what mental attitude and approach to certain fundamental things you need in order to be an Architect. A how-to book for being an Architect or a designer in tiny bite size pieces.

This book isn’t a how-to manual either it’s more a missive to get you thinking in the right way, not just what I learned in Architecture school as much as what I should know before I go to Architecture School, or long afterwards.

A book for Architects but a lovely collection of ideas and points of departure for every type of designer. A nice gift for someone starting out in a school of design.

May 5, 2020